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Rio Verde Saddlery has been privileged to exhibit at the Art of the Saddle Maker at the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame, Trappings of the American West at the Coconino Center for the Arts, and the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show as well as other juried western art shows.

Master saddlemaker D.F. (Dave) Rowland, SASS #7946, CMSA Life #202, and a member of the Colorado Saddle Makers Assn. is a descendant of a family steeped in western history. His great uncles were raised on the violent Kansas-Missouri border during the post-civil war years. His grandfather rode on the last major cattle drive out of Texas and other family members were in the 1893 Oklahoma land rush.

Raised listening to his family’s history, western lore became a passion for him. Now Dave has combined his love of history and saddle making to make truly authentic saddles of the Old West.

Judith Rowland is a member of the International Internet Leather Guild and enjoys making smaller ticket items for the shop. Her special interest is combining leather with crystals and beads to make highly unique jewelry.