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At Rio Verde Saddlery, David Rowland is dedicated to providing his customers with the best in saddles, tack, gun leather and repairs. Because he is does custom leather work and takes pride in each item that bears his name, you can be assured of the highest quality in each item produced.

In his saddle shop David uses his more than 40 years experience in leather work, to build quality saddles and tack that will be comfortable during long rides yet have a beauty that will last throughout the years. He builds both modern saddles and authentically reproduced saddles from the 19th and early 20th century saddlemakers.

As did the early saddlemakers such as Gallatin, Meanea and Collins, he also makes holsters, cartridge belts and rifle scabbards using top quality American leather. Styles range from the simple to the highly ornate.

If you have any questions about his work, contact him and he will be glad to answer your questions.