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1895 Ladies Astride Saddles

The 1895 Ladies Astride Saddles were especially designed for women and weigh less than 25 pounds. They are built on rawhide-covered laminated wood trees especially designed to allow a woman to have a comfortably balanced seat. To address the needs for women who need a padded seat, the ground seats under our “hard seat” saddles have an optional final layer of semi-closed cell foam, comfortable yet durable.

The tree has a slightly shorter bar to more correctly fit most modern horses.

These saddles meet the desires of those who want a quality lightweight Old West saddle for trail, pleasure, show and mounted shooting.

1895 Ladies Astride Saddles base price is $3500 unless otherwise stated. Base price includes single rigging (double rigging optional), saddle strings, wood or galvanized stirrups with leather treads, shearling, and orthopedic ground seat. It also includes shipping the bare tree to you to check for fitting before the saddle is actually built. (We will provide instructions!)


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